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[This is an early demo version of the game with the first 6-8 hours of gameplay. We are going to release the full game later this year - any feedback would be greatly appreciated.]

You play as a mighty demon imprisoned inside a ball-body. The path to freedom is challenging, but do not despise failure - every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.

Game Features:

  • Unique platforming based on the ball's ability to roll and bounce
  • Challenging combat built upon the platforming movement set
  • Spline based 2.5D with a proper 3D environment and level design (the character moves along curves in the 3D space)
  • A tragic story of loss and desperation hidden behind the comic tale of a demon trapped inside a ball



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warriorb-demo-windows.zip 2 GB
Version 0.8.1
warriorb-demo-linux.zip 2 GB
Version 0.8.1

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Игра своеобразна, но в целом достойная :) 

I started doing a Let's play of this massive demo (in French) and so far I'm having a great time playing your game, thanks a lot!

We are happy to hear that :)

great game

Thanks :)

that would be too late form me thnx for your kind answer

is the code of this game available somewhere ?

Not at the moment, but we do consider making it available on github on release (later this year).

Really cool concept, the demo is very promising. Keep up the awesome work! :)

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I can't download window version :(

after 53% complete downloading its stop don't know why?

i tried two times but same result

I am sorry to hear that :(
You could also try to download it from google drive using this link:

I hope that helps.

Thanks for link. i'll try 


Awesome game so far!

Nice video, I loved the voices!

Thank you so much!

by looking on the graphic and size of the game, i cant run smoothly on my PC :(

may i share the trailer?

We are sad to hear that :(
Sure, share it!

Shared :)

yes you may share trailer that would mean a lot to me.


Shared :)

My shit computer wont run this :(


I'm having some problems with the Linux version.  I'm not sure if there is a way to get the game to release the mouse, or exit when it frezes...

Currently I have played as far as (accourding to the counter "39 minutes" where I get to I think the third NPC you interact with.  After the teleportation of the second NPC.  Though..  I could be not remembering things correctly.  Just don't really want to give even spoilers to this point...  

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Thanks for the feedback!
Some other people had similar issues as well - seems like a dialogue freezes at some point in some case. I'm already working on the issue.
Meanwhile if you kill the game and start it again the bug won't appear next time, and the progress loss should be close to nothing.

Sorry about this :(

OK, I think I haven't made it back to that point yet.  Will try again...  

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I just uploaded a new fixed build. It should fix the dialogue issue (it was reported to happen again later in the game, so it is recommended to get the new version).

I have checked it out.  I don't see anything.  But then I'm not sure if I can right now.